Who We Are And What Can We do?


Hanson Universal Management of Assets and Non-Discretionary Services (HUMANS) is a data driven consulting firm that focus on the specialization of digital assets such as Bitcoin and other digital crypto assets with real-world applications, incorporating those fundamentals into the management of accounting procedures and custodial management of digital assets.

Mission Statement

Humanity is the human collective

As we embark on the 4th industrial revolution, blurring the lines between physical and digital, the HUMANS objective is to adapt, while maintaining what make us humans to being with.


HUMANS is an multinational company that view no boarders as we assist the entire world population in education and safeguarding their digital assets.

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Financial Literacy

The capacity to comprehend and viably utilize various monetary skills, including individual monetary management, planning, and contribution.

Crypto Currencies

An advanced digital asset, intended to function as a mechanism of trade where as in singular coin proprietorship holds no central authority.

High-Yield Returns

Generate above-average dividends and interest payments using HUMANS Universal Banking (HUB) when you allow us to manage your assets.

HUMANS are passionate about the ability to shift monetary power back to the human population, while specializing in yielding high-returns.

All investments involve risk and a security or financial product's past success does not guarantee future results or returns. Bear in mind that although diversification can assist in spreading risk, it does not guarantee profit or loss protection. When you invest in shares or other financial assets, there is always the prospect of losing value.

HUMANS Services

Asset Management Features

Creative Design

We'll design a financial a plan to meet your income and risk levels, while exploring all options. 

User Experience

Entrusting HUMANS to manage your digital assets, we can ensure you an experience that remains human. 


HUMANS listens to their clients and provides them with what they need and desire.  

Retina Analytics

Through data analytics, we convert the light of the world consensus into neural signals, to stay ahead of the market.


Fully Responsive

As we are embarking on to this new world of blockchain technology, new innovations are always emerging and HUMANS are there to uncover their attributes.

Custom Support

The blockchain ledger never sleeps, so HUMANS are always available to respond to the needs of our clients 9AM in New York is 10PM in China.


Why Choose HUMANS?

Whereas most of the banking industries only view their customers as numbers, in order to increase their bottom-line. HUMANS drive the characteristics of being human, offering an interpersonal relationship connecting our customers to their assets.

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Humane: compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behavior or disposition : the quality or state of being humane.

" Merriam-Webster "
Team Work

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