Hanson Universal Management of Assets and Non-Discretionary Services (HUMANS) is a data driven consulting firm that focus on the specialization of digital assets such as Bitcoin and other digital crypto assets with real-world applications, incorporating those fundamentals into the management of accounting procedures and custodial management of digital assets.

Secure Investing

HUMANS work with chains that don't procure authority over the asset resources, which puts our clients resources well-being first.


Node Operations

HUMANS has the experience in operating blockchain nodes on different chains. Our engineers and developers understand the fundamentals of a truly decentralized system.

Vetted Staking

HUMANS are careful and use critical examination on every token and defi protocol before we make the introduction.



We Have Years Of Experience In Finance and Crypto
HUMANS are passionate about the ability to shift monetary power back to the human population, while specializing in yielding high-returns.

All investments involve risk and a security or financial product's past success does not guarantee future results or returns. Bear in mind that although diversification can assist in spreading risk, it does not guarantee profit or loss protection. When you invest in shares or other financial assets, there is always the prospect of losing value.

Humans Services

Asset  Management Features

Creative Design

We'll design a financial a plan to meet your income and risk levels, while exploring all options.

User Experience

Entrusting HUMANS to manage your digital assets, we can ensure you an experience that remain human.


HUMANS listen to their client and provide them with they need and desire.

Retina Analytics

Through data analytics, we convert the light of the world consensus into neural signals, to stay ahead of the market.


Fully Responsive

As we are embarking on to this new world of blockchain technology, new innovations are always emerging and HUMANS are there to uncover their attributes.

Custom Support

The blockchain ledger never sleeps, so HUMANS are always available to response to the need our clients… 9AM in New York is 10PM in China.


Why Choose HUMANS?

HUMANS provide the tools and resources to manage your digital assets, while also granting you the ability to trust us to manage your funds.

Identifying High-Yield Sources

Embarking into the world of digital assets can be challenging and pose the inherit risk of any investment. HUMANS conducts extensive screenings and analysis of all the available options, to ensure you earn the highest rate available.

Protecting Digital Assets

The digital age is a dangerous environment to even the most tech savvy person, that is why HUMANS incorporates proven safe protocols when you entrust us to manage your assets or if you take our advice and use the tools we use.

Creative And Professional Portfolio

Every human on Earth is different and that is why HUMANS approach each client individually, with the mission of designing their portfolio to meet their needs and desires, be it short-term or long-term wealth management.


HUMANS Universal Banking

Low Risk Fund

  • Averages 5% APY
  • Stablecoin Holdings
  • Stable Liquidity Pools
  • Stable Staking
  • Quarterly Support

Medium Risk Fund

  • Averages 10% APY
  • Top 10 Market Capsy
  • Asset Liquidity Pools
  • Staking Rewards
  • Monthly Support

High Risk Fund

  • Averages 15% APY
  • Top 100 Market Caps
  • DeFi Liquidity Pools
  • Staking Rewards
  • Weekly Support