KuCoin is the an advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON, USDT, NEO, XRP, KCS, and more.

Trade: Over 200 global high-quality blockchain projects with more than 400 trading pairs

KuCoin (Spot Trading)

Advanced API: Offers an easy and efficient way to develop a secure and programmatic trading strategy.     

Efficient Matching Engine: Supports up to 1 million transactions per second without any overload Various. 

Order Types: Offers limit, stop, market, post only and iceberg orders.  

High-Quality Assets: Over 200 global high-quality blockchain projects with more than 400 trading pairs.     

High Liquidity: Highest daily volume of nearly $500 million (USD) with the smallest bid-ask spread in the industry. 

 Up to 10x Leverage: Margin trading that supports most mainstream cryptos such as BTC, ETH and KCS.     

Multiple Fiat Gateways: Buy crypto with fiat through Simplex, Banxa, and OTC, supporting a number of fiats including USD, JPY, KRW, EURO, GBP and more. 

 High-Yield Finance Service: Earn up to 10% annualized return through our finance services. 

 Competitive Fees: Attractive taker and maker fee structure plus VIP discount.

KuMEX (KuCoin Futures)

More Reasonable Mechanism to Prevent Contract Being Liquidated: Index price adopts 6 mainstream spot exchange prices to avoid the user’s contract being liquidated. 

 Open and Transparent: The unique L3 mechanism in the industry enables you to know the details of each transaction and eliminate human manipulation. 

 The World's First Lite Version Contract: 30 seconds to register and 1 minute to learn how to trade contracts and make each transaction easier. 

 Small Capital, Big Return: Minimum $1, maximum 100x leverage. 

 Highest Benefits in the Industry: Free position and experience fee, up to 50% commission rebate for agent cooperation.

Pool-X (KuCoin Staking)

Double Rewards: The first lock-up mining mode, can obtain staking profit plus POL mining reward. 

 High Flexibility: Freely choose two kinds of locked-up products, fixed or flexible, and the locked-up products can also immediately end the locked-up status through trading in the liquidity trading market at any time. 

Support for Multiple Currencies: Support for ATOM, TRX, KCS, WAN and other mainstream currencies. 

Initiated the Mechanism of Soft Staking: Daily token staking income, and be free to trade and withdraw.


World-Class Architecture: High scalability, low latency, full-stack API interface support, and complete risk control system. 

 Safety: Complete tech risk-management system, main site 1000-day operation with 0 incident. 

 Express Deployment: One click, launch in 72 hours. High Market Depth: Share strong liquidity of KuCoin Spot and KuCoin Futures. 

 Technical Adaptation: Supports full customization of functions and freely extends the list of functions.